Country in southern Asia, stretching from the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea, bounded to the west by Iran, northwest by Afghanistan, and northeast and east by India. Its an Islamic country, stretching from the snows of the high Karakoram Mountain ranges in the north, across the Indus plain fed by the five Rivers of the Punjab, to the countrys commercial capital. Karachi. On the Arabian-Sea offers extraordinary geographical, cultural diversity and warm welcoming people. The mountainous north of the country leading to the Himalayan massif contains superb scenery (K2 Mount Godwin Austen is the worlds second highest mountain) and comfortable hill stations where log fires crackle in the crisp air.

Our office is situated at the capital of Pakistan Karachi. We have another office in Islamabad also. Both offices are full fledged with dedicated staff to serve your manpower requirement from there. Since last 15 years they are in the same field of recruitment business. Other than U.A.E. they are sending people to other GCC countries too.
AREA: 905, 478 sq-km
POPULATION: 176,745,364