Nepal is a land locked mountains country situated between China and India, with a population of nearly 23 million people. Its topography stretches from the vast low land of terrain to the worlds highest peak the mighty Mount Everest (8,848 m). The Nepalese were first hired by the British East Indian Company in 1814 and enlisted into the British Army who have won many Victoria Crosses. They continue to enjoy the highest reputation for the vigor and honesty all over the world.

To get competitive candidates we are dealing with 3 agents in Katmandu. All of them are Govt. approved agents with all office infrastructure and trade testing facilities. But please note that we will get highly skilled people (like engineers, erectors, highly skilled welders, etc) from there. They are specialized in the field of Catering Security Guards (Gurkas) and labour jobs. But all people are hard working, obedient and trust worthy.
AREA: 147,181, sq-km
POPULATION: 30,485,798
OUR OFFICE: Kathmandu