India is a country in southern Asia, bounded to the north by China, Nepal, and Bhutan: east by Myanmar and Bangladesh: northwest by Pakistan and Afghanistan: and southeast, south and southwest by the Indian Ocean. It is a land of kaleidospic diversity. The countrys 2.6 million square kilometers. Harbor an imensive variety of scenery that ranges from the palm-edged beaches of the topical south to the mighty Himalayas. In between, jungles and forests, lush river valleys and barren deserts, busy modern cities and quiet villages are yours to explore. Occupying this vast and varied landscape is an intriguing mixture of people whose diversity of race, language, custom, tradition, art religion brings colour to every aspect of life. We have associated offices in Bombay, Jaipur, Delhi, Punjab, Madras, Bangalore and Cochin. At all these places we have full fledged offices and trade testing facilities. Our dedicated staff will assist you on your arrival until departure including table interview, preparing the CVs & interview sheets, arranging trade testing places, tools, machineries etc, to arrange the CVs of finally selected candidates, their name list, site seeing etc. We are dealing with these offices since 20 years.

AREA: 1.904.569 sq-km
POPULATION: 1,241,491,960
OUR OFFICE: Bombay , Jaipur , Delhi , Panjab , Channai , Banglore , Cochin