Bangladesh is a land of 12 crore people. In one word it is the land of manpower. Almost all sort of (skilled or unskilled workers) manpower are available here. The personnel from here are hard working with less demand. In fact, these salient features of the manpower in Bangladesh, has earned enough applause from the different sorts of people of the whole world. We have 2 offices at Bangladesh. One is at Dhaka. Capital of Bangladesh since 1971, in Dhaka region, west of River Meghna on the Ganges delta: population (1991)3,397,200. It trades in rice, oilseed, sugar, and tea: industries include jute-Processing, tanning and productions of textiles, chemicals, glass and metal products. We also have another one at Chittagong. We have good trade testing center also to select competitive candidates from there. Our Dhaka office is about 20 km far from Airport. To go to Chittagong we can take the advantage of their domestic flight.

AREA: 143,998 sq-km
POPULATION: 150,493,658
OUR OFFICE: Dhaka , Chittangong