Specialised Consultants Office LLC, established in 1981 with its Head Office based in Sharjah is one of our Group companies, which has a distinguished history of Manpower Consultancy Services in the Middle East and United Arab Emirates in particular.
Over the years, in view of the enormous infrastructural development continuously taking place in this country, there has been a growing influx of professionals and entrepreneurs into these areas and in this environment, with the help of the dedicated team from the Hamad Al Teneiji Group of Companies, SCO has evolved into a vibrant and major service provide to a number of leading Organizations.
SCO with its vast professional resources has the knowledge and expertise, which are contemporary in its field of endeavor, and is well tunes to provide varied manpower constancy services satisfactorily in a very productive and profitable manner to anyone needing their services.
I’m proud to be associate with SCO and congratulate them for their efforts in publishing this catalogue depicting their business profile and look forward to the future with great confidence.

Dr. Hamad Bin Saif Al Teneiji